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Footworks Podiatry Singapore


Insoles Singapore
Orthotics are specialised inserts that fit comfortably into shoes. They reduce stress on the body by enhancing the function of the foot and lower limbs. At Footworks Podiatry, we use both custom-made and prefabricated orthotics.

Our custom made orthotics are designed and manufactured with the use of 3D technology. Your foot is scanned with bespoke 3D software.  After your insole is designed, it is milled by hand. Each pair of insoles provides support tailored to your specific needs.

We always conduct a thorough assessment. A biomechanical assessment is an essential part of the Podiatry assessment and we dedicate time to assessing your body.  We will conduct a video analysis of walking/running, barefoot and in shoes. ​We also consider your activity levels, footwear and lifestyle. 

​Orthotics are prescribed as part of a well-rounded management plan aimed to set you on the right path to overcome injuries or reduce further injury risk.
Injury management and prevention often involve footwear advice, improving technique and stretching/strengthening exercises. 

It can be confusing when searching for a podiatrist. Many clinics have a consultation fee, but there can be hidden charges. We pride ourselves on being transparent. Our consultation fee includes our hands-on treatments and assessments. There will always be an additional charge for orthotics. However, we are one of the most cost-effective private clinics in Singapore and we use the highest calibre laboratories to ensure that our orthotics are of the highest quality.
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