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Footworks Podiatry Singapore
Years after my knee surgery, and the long journey trying to understand how to manage my knee and ankle health, I finally found the one treatment that changed for the better in managing my pain. I found Footworks Podiatry Clinic through a recommendation and went for an assessment and custom-made a pair of insoles for myself. Ms Dorcas demonstrated her experience in the field through explaining the mechanics of how I walk that created the pain to comeback and how with treatment, I can continue to enjoy sports and the outdoors. She has an app the she prescribed for me in order to complete a set of exercises daily to help me create a healthy routine. The insoles are of high quality that have made taking long walks and busy day at work so much more comfortable now. Thank you Ms Dorcas for the holistic approach!
Footworks podiatry are privileged to have been recommended by the following esteemed online publications
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