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Footworks Podiatry Singapore
Foot care

The average person walks about 1500 miles a year, yet our feet are often the most neglected part of our body. While they may not require constant attention, issues can arise that need the help of a Podiatrist.

We provide non-surgical treatments for many complaints:

  • Foot pain affecting how you walk or preventing sports or activities

  • Ankle or knee pain

  • Wounds on the foot 

  • Problematic toenails

  • Flat/high arched feet, or bunions

  • Corns, calluses or verruca pedis (warts)

  • Issues with sensation and blood circulation in the feet

Whatever your foot-related problem, our podiatrists can treat the conditions and can also advise you on how best to manage them effectively on your own.

If you are diabetic, it is especially important to have small foot-related problems dealt with quickly. We advise yearly foot screening to prevent any pressing issues.

Our Podiatrist has a wealth of experience in treating wounds. We are dedicated to reducing further complications. We are continually keeping up to date with the latest medical developments so that we can offer the safest and fastest route to wound healing for our patients.

It can be confusing when searching for a podiatrist. Many clinics have a consultation fee, but there can be hidden charges. We pride ourselves on being transparent. Our consultation fee includes our hands-on treatments and assessments.

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Children Footworks Podiatry Singapore

As children grow, they become more active. Their bodies are developing, and it is not unusual to experience pain in the feet and ankles. Many participate in sports that can also give rise to foot pain and a whole range of foot problems

It can be difficult for parents to know what aches and pains are part of the growing process and what is normal. You should seek professional foot care advice from a qualified podiatrist if you notice your child is:

​• Complaining of persistent pain in his/her legs and feet or experiencing excessive tiredness

• Walking with his/her toes pointing outwards or inwards

• Walking on tiptoes

You should also seek advice if your child suffers from:

• Corns

• Ingrown toenails

• Painful, hard skin
• Verrucae pedis (warts)

• Athletes foot (fungal infection)

Our podiatrist can advise on: 

• Stretching or strengthening exercises

• Demonstrations on taping 

• Footwear advice

• Orthotics 

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