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Footworks Podiatry Singapore
Footworks Podiatry Singapore
Dorcas Sholanke Podiatrist, Footworks Podiatry Singapore

Principal Podiatrist 
BSC (Hons) Podiatry (UK)
MCHS  (UK), MPODA (S'pore) 


Dorcas qualified as a podiatrist from the University of Southampton in England after which she moved to Singapore. She previously worked for five years at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She quickly worked her way up to the position of Senior Podiatrist and was appointed Head of the Podiatry Department. During her time as a Podiatrist, Dorcas has worked with patients suffering from a broad spectrum of foot complaints, including diabetic-related conditions.


While Dorcas has a wide range of Podiatry related skills, she now specialises in sports Podiatry. As an experienced foot and ankle pain specialist, she is focused on biomechanical function and musculoskeletal pain. Her main areas of interest include soft tissue injuries, sporting injuries, overuse foot conditions, mechanical conditions of the foot and lower limb, walking/running techniques, footwear and customised/prescription orthotics.


As a holistic practitioner, Dorcas believes that a thorough assessment of gait is essential. She is committed to advancing the understanding, prevention, and management of lower extremity sports and fitness injuries for all patients. Dorcas sees her role as enabling people of all ages and levels of activity to maximise their enjoyment and safety in their chosen area of sports or exercise.


Dorcas enjoys keeping fit and exercising, she regularly participates in runs, joins in with boot camps around Singapore and enjoys yoga. Dorcas is a member of the Podiatry Association of Singapore and the College of Podiatry in the United Kingdom.

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Ms Dorcas Sholanke

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