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Wearing in time is not the same for everyone. Some people, in particular children, find that they can wear their orthotics for longer periods during the break-in phase, while others may experience discomfort if they push it too quickly. Let your body guide you.


Usually, we find that where there is discomfort the soft tissue. We recommend that you wear your orthotics gradually, i.e. for 30 minutes of periodic standing or gentle walking the first day, and increase the wearing time by 30 minutes each day. This means that in 7 days you should be able to wear your orthotics for 7 hours. If you find this too quick for your feet your podiatrist may recommend that you try increasing your time in your orthotics by 15mins at a time, to begin with.


The muscles on the bottom of the foot may be tight. Please carry out this stretch if you feel discomfort:

It is advised to refrain from sports until you are completely comfortable in wearing your orthotics all day for a week. Wearing them all day for a week in comfort is a good indication that your muscles are adapting well to their new position. 

When you first start wearing your orthotics for sport, you should be aware that you must also wear them in gradually at this time too. Wearing them in gradually allows your feet to adapt to a different functioning posture, and for your skin to toughen up in areas where they may previously not have been touching anything (and are now in contact with the orthotics).

Buying shoes for orthotics: It is important to try on new shoes with your orthotics prior to purchasing them, especially running shoes. more comfortably into shoes. They reduce stress on the body by enhancing the function of the foot and lower limbs. At Footworks Podiatry, we use both custom-made and prefabricated orthotics.

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